UI Trend: Long form content and scrolling


If you take a look at the homepage or other pages of websites such as apple, nationalgeographic, and so forth, you will notice that the content you observe by scrolling down is very full-screen-esque.  This means that the content, while scrolling down, is implemented in this long-form layout.   Continue reading

How the smartphone changed the world!

As a regular observer of the world and the society’s use of technology, we have come a long way in developing great products.  The iPhone has created a huge impact on the world and is definitely one of the most influential consumer electronic products so far.  However, what has the smartphone exactly done for us, as daily users of the apple or any smartphone?  Let’s go through some of the things it has:
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User Interface Musts


Just like any other design process in the world, there are standards, principles, and elements one should abide to, specifically for business purposes in UI design!  Think about good, yet functional technology like the iPhone.  Smartphones are staples in today’s digital age, especially knowingly enough we live in the United States, a developed country.  The main point is that many of us use them, at least.  However what makes user interference and experience so important, especially in products like the iPhone?

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Pencil meets paper

After some years of being a student in San Jose State University and taking classes in hopes of getting into the graphic design program, I had times where I jump right into my Adobe softwares such as:  Illustrator or Photoshop.  It’s crazy how the world of technology can really pull you into thinking that you can do tasks quickly or even multi-task.  Our computers, tablets, smartphones, and more are intelligent devices.  We, as everyday users, obsess over them and they often distract us from taking in real experiences.  With this idea of the digital age being pointed out, it is evident that we rarely revert to traditional systems.  As a designer, I think it is important to go back to pencil and paper when it comes to designing.  As “old-fashioned” as it sounds, pencil and paper is the #1 design tool to help get your ideas across.

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