Inside the world of design

Design is not just about drawing beautiful details of people or inanimate objects. It’s also not solely about enticing an audience. Design is about visual communication.

“Design is a really loaded word. I don’t know what it means. So we don’t talk a lot about design around here, we just talk about how things work. Most people think it’s about how they look, but it’s about how they work” – Steve Jobs

It came to my surprise when I came across the quote above by Steve Jobs.  Design is hard to really understand sometimes and it has been defined on the basis of  what design is.  It really is about how they make designs.  Jobs focuses on how he and other designers work communicatively and interactively.  I have had difficulty figuring out how designers were capable of visually communicating local and global audiences, but effectively!  To me, I believe that Jobs took an important role that did not exactly revolutionize design.  However, I do think that for his sweet love for simplicity and especially his way of design thinking helped power up the world of design.

Before delving into the topic of design tools and user interface, one must understand the process of design thinking.  It is a system of methods that designers utilize in order to solve intricate problems, yet still discover valuable solutions for the consumer, the client [1].  If design is all about how we make something, instead of it being about what it should look like, then it all starts off by thinking critically about how you can make a relationship between a product or a piece of work with the user.  It is important, especially working in the design industry, to list out your goals in how you can execute a visually compelling, ye effective design.  Perhaps, you don’t want to be a designer as your vocation, but what are the odds that you’ll become noticed by other artists, designers, employers, and so forth.  To be able to think visually and about the function of design is a challenge, but can inspire you to take on other opportunities, make connections, and inspire another line of people in the world.