My drive as a design student

Being a design student means more than aiming to be a designer.  It is all about connecting with your peers, audience, and yourself through visual communication.

For a while already, I was confused as to what it means to be an artist or a designer.  Although, I can appreciate the literal definitions of what they are, I often found myself wondering what is the meaning behind such positions.  A meaning that I was searching for had to be something more than just facts and rational information.  I would google information as to what certain designers or artists did.  It was all fun and all having to research about different types of people, but I was not completely satisfied with what I researched.  Every designer and artist is amazing in their own way.  We all have stories and facts about ourselves that make us unique individuals.  However, I guess I wanted my own definition of what it is like to be any of those titles.  I started off by learning about who I am:

I learned that I am always on the move to learn more about the world. Learning about different things in cultures and communities is essential to the process; this allows me to activate new information to create good design and visual communication. Art and design drives me to do better than yesterday’s work and look forward to a new challenge the next day.  Being a designer is not just about designing and creating blueprints.  Being an artist is not solely about painting or drawing.  Everything in the art world is about learning who you are, what you can contribute in the world, and our inspirations to be a better draft than the previous one.  We ideate everything we can possibly put on canvas.  While this is true, it is about the meaning behind every stroke we create on that canvas.