How the smartphone changed the world!

As a regular observer of the world and the society’s use of technology, we have come a long way in developing great products.  The iPhone has created a huge impact on the world and is definitely one of the most influential consumer electronic products so far.  However, what has the smartphone exactly done for us, as daily users of the apple or any smartphone?  Let’s go through some of the things it has:

1) The touch screen!

Computer scientists and UI designers and researchers have been working hard on touch computing systems.   The touchscreen feature became mainstream however it is widely accepted as being a necessity rather than a want from consumers.  It is because it adds to the simplicity of our mobile devices and other electronic devices and we can both be comforted with the largeness of the screen to watch videos rather than having a small screen and an old-fashioned keyboard.

2) Versatility

The iPhone created so much versatility for the user and this allows us to do multiple tasks simply through our phone.  This means we are able to send emails, text our family and friends, search online, shop online, take photos and videos, take notes, and so forth.  Back then, our phones were quite outdated which creates restriction to versatility.  This makes our professional and personal lives a lot easier when it comes to completing tasks.

3) PC to MAC Transition

The obsession over technology delights, specifically the iPhone, brought PC users to the the MAC world quite fast.  Although there is still many individuals who pick sides and stick with them, Apple was sneaky enough to get users to turn to MAC and other Apple products.  Because of how unique the Apple presented such products brought consumers in this craze; however, it is most likely a soft transition due to the creation of their mobile devices.