UI Trend: Long form content and scrolling


http://on.natgeo.com/1bSzvi5 (c) 2017

If you take a look at the homepage or other pages of websites such as apple, nationalgeographic, and so forth, you will notice that the content you observe by scrolling down is very full-screen-esque.  This means that the content, while scrolling down, is implemented in this long-form layout.  

This seems as if it is long form content and scrolling is becoming a huge trend, especially for opening or home pages. Many designers or company websites, that I have seen, are  beginning to put this layout or design to effect. This is especially effective for larger-spaced screens. The use of this lets users scroll quickly while still take in the information (text or image) in large portions, yet through one, smooth, free-flowing scroll.

The scrolling mechanic is definitely not new as we use this throughout the digital era, however, the focus is on the way UI designers present their information. From what I have seen, UI designers think deeper into how they use the space, the motion, and the placement of information in those large portions.  So far, this trend is becoming more interactive for the user which makes it enticing and effortlessly beautiful.

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