My phase of creative block

Have you struggled with creative block?  Have you ever felt discouraged as an artist or designer?  Do feel like you do not deserve any of those titles?  As a student, young adult, daughter, or child, I totally understand you.  Why is this? Continue reading “My phase of creative block”


The benefits of being a SJSU student: Creative Cloud!

I am honestly thankful for being a full-time student here in San Jose State University especially because of the great benefit of having Creative Cloud.  Subscribing to Adobe and paying for their package can be really expensive; it is a hassle.   Continue reading “The benefits of being a SJSU student: Creative Cloud!”

Revitalizing the Nokia Era (c) 2017

Last time we had looked into a new developing product with great potential: the Xperia Projector by Sony; however, we have another product in the works, the Nokia 3310 mobile phone.  Now that we saw an improvement on the interface for touch-screen interaction, let me delve into this product and how it has been one of the major stepping stones in the 21st century of our digital era.

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Forget your iPads/iPhones, use a table! ft. Sony’s Xperia

the-magic-touch-desktop-cb3293789f7989a9ac08f4a2a8031ceb (c) 2017

The digital age calls for more improvement in technology and new extraterrestrial-esque products.  Recently, Sony has is stepping up their game and their team is working on a new project called: the Xperia Touch Projector!  It has got some crazy capabilities as a product.  Could this possibly be a new interface?

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Mixed Media Design

51402242047603.57be549e35518Having mixed media incorporated throughout a project is probably one of the most effective ways to entice your viewers or users. I know that, as a graphic design student, I tend to focus my work on vector-based visual (which can be really interesting at first).  However, over time, you are going to realize how static vector-based visuals can be.

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