Color scheme app: Colour CC

Adobe has tenamed a specific design tool called Kuler to Colour CC. It has transformed from a simple-and-easy web-based color took to an official theme sharing resource.

Colour CC is a helpful tool for the designer because it allows the user to sample, develop, and even save up to five color palettes. Anyone could use the website application on a flash-enabled browser. Additionally, one could download it to their desktop (also known as Adobe Switchboard) where you can import your palettes to your Adobe softwares.

This design tool has benefitted me throughout my education in graphic design. If I am working on a poster or brochure for a school project, I tend to refer back to Kuler, or Colour CC, to figure out what color scheme I was going for to complete the foundation of my visual. What is even more interesting is that you can take inspiration off of photographs of your own or from other works and pinpoint any particular colors of the photo that stand out to you; then, you can develop a really compelling palette for your design work!