Mixed Media Design

51402242047603.57be549e35518Having mixed media incorporated throughout a project is probably one of the most effective ways to entice your viewers or users. I know that, as a graphic design student, I tend to focus my work on vector-based visual (which can be really interesting at first).  However, over time, you are going to realize how static vector-based visuals can be.

There is one thing that I absolutely detested about my experiences as a graphic design student so far is that, because we have been practicing mainly through Illustrator, I forget about other programs such as Photoshop.  It is important to understand that vector-based image can be very restrictive in your process.  This is mainly because it doesn’t give much texture, detail, variety, and diversity in your graphics.  Having those characteristics incorporated gives more information for the viewer to look at.  Eventually, as we observe and analyze each element information individually, you can appreciate everything as a whole in the end.

However, when it comes to vectored designs, it is totally fine that is the foundation or style you are going for.  According to my professors, they argue that as long as it finely-tuned and refined all the way, it is perfectly fine.  There is something beautiful about minimalistic designs (which can be due to vector usage), however, there is definitely something more fascinating about mixed media.  Combining paintings, drawings, or photographs with vectors can be a total eye-catcher.