Forget your iPads/iPhones, use a table! ft. Sony’s Xperia

the-magic-touch-desktop-cb3293789f7989a9ac08f4a2a8031ceb (c) 2017

The digital age calls for more improvement in technology and new extraterrestrial-esque products.  Recently, Sony has is stepping up their game and their team is working on a new project called: the Xperia Touch Projector!  It has got some crazy capabilities as a product.  Could this possibly be a new interface?

Introducing the new and developing product, the Xperia Touch Projector, now we have a newly developed interface.  Sony probably has been working on this product for a long time to get this it to be a new easy consumer steal once it is launched.  The main idea of what this Xperia projector can do is that it can transform any surface that is flat into a touchscreen!  To me, I think that is really neat.  The fact that you can transform, basically, your dinner table, floor, walls, and ceilings into touch screens sounds like a huge upgrade from that iPod nano and its cute continuous-scrolling wheel.  It is as if this device is expanding our technological advances to develop futuristic.

At the same time, I also feel as if it is just another one of those super high-end products that will cost thousands of dollars (it probably will be anyways).  I have seen such great technologies and even neat wearable technology/gadgets online, however, I never really see them having big names.  It makes me wonder if this product will make Sony’s business boom for what it is capable of.  The interactiveness of utilizing a touchscreen has become a part of our life because we use iPhones, iPads, and so forth.   It has been implemented in our daily lives that it is no longer much of a trend or etc.  Could this product possibly be another improved interface giving Sony a new reputation?

Although it is not out yet until around Spring time, I am excited to see the reactions of those who buy this neat product.  It is always interesting to see so many companies, businesses, designers making such awesome products; however, I never really see their names in big letters on Washington Post or any other news websites!  The fact that you can use this product for entertainment or educational purposes, too, is quite exciting.  Do you think this product will slow down the business for Apple?



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