Revitalizing the Nokia Era

Last time we had looked into a new developing product with great potential: the Xperia Projector by Sony; however, we have another product in the works, the Nokia 3310 mobile phone.  Now that we saw an improvement on the interface for touch-screen interaction, let me delve into this product and how it has been one of the major stepping stones in the 21st century of our digital era.

After reading my last post, we can all agree that the digital era is filled with human greed.  We’re greedy.  We all are because we have this excessive desire to expand the horizons of technology.  We want to discover what technology and science is capable of in developing and improving what we already have created at hand.  However, there is such astonishing creations and improvements that allows us to determine solutions to our everyday lives.  We simply cannot help it!  Although The Xperia projector seems to have some fantastic capabilities, I think it is important to consider the precursor of our creations such as: the Nokia phone.

I remember seeing the Nokia phone being quite prevalent back in the 00’s.  However, ever since the smartphones came into the picture, Nokia phones (being categorized as ‘feature’ phones) it most likely led to the retirement of Nokia.  Today, Nokia is handed down to a developing Finnish company called HMD Global.  The Nokia phone, along with other brands such as:  LG, Motorolla, and so forth, is one of the major phones that helped strengthen the process of our technological creations.  However, it is not dead today.  In fact, I had visited my blood country, the Philippines, last summer 2016 and still see the general public holding on to their Nokia phones because they are cheap and easy.  For a country that is known to be engulfed in poverty, many own own even more than one.  However, people have to purchase data load  in order to get cellular data.

Living in a developed country, the U.S., the smartphone is prevalent and a part of most of our daily lives.  However, using the Philippines as an example (as regular users of the Nokia or any other mobile phone) shows that such precursor devices have not died yet.  HMD Global is delivering a new-look phone for the Nokia called the Nokia 3310.  It involves a new colored-screen, a 2 megapixel camera,  and an updated version of the classic ‘Snake’ game application.  Most importantly, the battery life is longer than it was before of up to 24 hours of use.  Although this modified Nokia phone may look “cute” in design to us; I think this was a great way to revitalize the Nokia phone.  How such a monochromatic, plain, yet functional-based phone led to such great improvements in our history.  HMD is working on bringing a new level in design, quality, and overall experience in this new era for Nokia, which may lead to a new smartphone generation.