My phase of creative block

Have you struggled with creative block?  Have you ever felt discouraged as an artist or designer?  Do feel like you do not deserve any of those titles?  As a student, young adult, daughter, or child, I totally understand you.  Why is this?I found myself doodling family figures to flowers at age 8.  When I was 13, I started to have an interest in anime drawings.  Then at around 16 I wanted to draw portraits.  Now here I am, wanting to design and photograph whatever to my heart’s content.  Growing up, I was inspired by a lot of things and was so eager to expand my horizons when it comes to art.  I saw beauty in everything I observed such as: the nature’s environment, the buildings, every individual who passed by, and etc.  By observing our natural world, I was excited for what was to come if I were to enter the field of graphic design in college.  Everything was going well the next two years into the college experience; however, life got in the way and the class I took made me dread due to creative block.

What is creative block you may ask?  It is basically the same thing as writing block.  A writer could be in the middle of a story, but they just cannot find an idea or an inspiration of thought.  It started in the spring semester of my sophomore year.  I was already pre-admitted to the graphic design B.F.A. program, but I had to go through another portfolio process to be officially admitted.  Our theme was on social justice issues and I chose topic to be on racial discrimination in the workforce.  It was hard for me to be creatively clever in my work.  Trying to compile a variety of visual assets that are functional along with quantifiable research was so difficult.  I did not know how to even start on any of my canvases.

Life at the time was tough.  I was going through a breakup and I did not even want to put my pencil on any paper in design class or my G.E. courses.  I dreaded so much about my life that I lost motivation, inspiration, and creativity.  I lost the positive light that flickered in my heart for art or design.  Why do we suffer creative block?  It is easy to feel this way.  It is hard to be creative.  You really need to think outside the box and find a way to show some level of personality while still abiding to standards on function/purpose.  You need to fight the feeling of discouragement and dedicate time in your day to go out and sketch.  Do it as long as you need to and never stop!  Taking some time off is always good too.  Go out and ride your bike or meditate!  You are not the only one who will struggle.  Most importantly, the best way to relieve this situation of creative block and discouragement is to stop comparing your work with others.  You are your worst critic, so take the time to focus on your goals rather than the strident voices that do not even exist in your mind.