The benefits of being a SJSU student: Creative Cloud!

I am honestly thankful for being a full-time student here in San Jose State University especially because of the great benefit of having Creative Cloud.  Subscribing to Adobe and paying for their package can be really expensive; it is a hassle.  

For those who are planning to study some field of design at San Jose State University, I have really good news:  Adobe Creative Cloud is available for free to all students.  This is especially beneficial for those who are actually trying to major in design.  I can understand that the hassle of paying for softwares and having to subscribe to these package deals can hurt your wallet.  However, SJSU, was kind enough to provide these tools for us including other softwares like Microsoft Word, etc.

Coming from a low-income background and also attempting to study a field that can definitely eat out your pocket money and savings like design is quite a risk to take.  Money can be scarce on my end because while I was growing up, my family’s income was rather low and I was focused on school rather than working.  Even working part-time it is difficult and I do not want to let the business of being a full-time work destroy my progress as a student.  After discovering that these design tools such as: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, or Lightroom was was provided to us, I was genuinely relieved.  These tools are absolutely necessary in the design field.  This is especially due to the fact that you will be utilizing these tools and softwares to complete your projects for your classes.  A huge tip that I can give for you after three years of studying is do not disregard these benefits as a design student.  Make the most out of your experience, even outside of school, to use these tools while they are still available for you for free.