Logos? So what?

Anything in regards to business derives from a world of greed.  I hate to say it like this, however, it is true!  Greed and money both go together because businesses are never satisfied because of their cravings in increasing margins, bettering productivity, and etc.  When it comes to business though is they definitely to want to be known once consumers leave; one of the best ways in advertising the company is through logos.

What is a logo?  In my own words I would describe logos as visuals that represent what a company, organization, or any business is about.  Businesses are everywhere and if I mention the word McDonald’s you would probably think of their logo or symbol right away (or you would think if their quarter pounder burgers and french fries!)  The logo for businesses will always appear on all their or others’ marketing, advertising, and communications. Essentially logos need some sort of main design  that symbolizes that businessperson or organization.

Although logos may seem like simple, plain icons; they are part of visual foundation of a name.  The logo gains meaning once viewers and audiences make some sort of relationship with that.  On the designer’s perspective, it is a lot of brainwork and ideating what visual information can be developed in the design process.  We cannot deliberately make a logo out of scratch and decide if it looks good or not on the spot.  As a designer, we look at the meaning and definition of a company or a person’s name.  We connect those meanings with every stroke, shape, texture, nooks, and crannies of everything of the design all together.  This is what is fascinating about logos; however, majority of the time we, as consumers, do not take the time to realize that very much because logos are something we naturally glance at.