What is the difference between the Boke and Shallow Depth of Field?

 Are you new at photography, trying to spice up your blog posts, having a hard time picking pictures for your new webpage?  For me, as an amateur designer and photographer, I thought that the aperture setting of the camera was the most beautiful thing of them all. A little play on the depths of field in photography and one can come up with something neat, like the bokeh effect!

You’re probably wondering, “what is the bokeh?”  The “Bokeh” is the visual quality that emphasizes on out-of-focus portions of a photograph.  If you are a photography apprentice or have taken some photography classes in your lifetime, you may have heard of “depth of field” or “shallow depth of field.”  Depth of field is all about the range of focus that appears on a photograph.  Generally, there will be higher levels of sharpness in one or more areas of every  photograph.

However shallow depth of field and the bokeh may sound the same in definition, but the concept is not.  The bokeh is about the actual quality of the blur.  We are playing with the aesthetic quality of that out-of-focus area(s), which can be achieved through different kinds of camera filters.

As the photographer, you have the control to adjust the depth of field of your shot by utilizing the aperture setting on your camera.  There are two kinds of depth of field:  shallow and deep.  Deep depth of field has a lot more focus in most areas of a particular shot while shallow depth of field have smaller areas that are in focus.  In my opinion, the bokeh (shallow depth of field) is one of the most beautiful ways to execute great photographs.  The bokeh effect is great for all types of photographs, especially portraiture.