Why should YOU pursue something in the arts or design industry?

I will be completely honest and say that the creative-end industry is a brutal world.  It is a world of game, competition, and challenges.  However, nothing is easy after college or whenever you step foot into the business side of life.  Trying to be financially stable or financially successful are two different things; your decisions to make those goals are tailored by your overall efforts.  Design is hard, but if you are full of passion and ideas, allow your heart to influence your creative hand and body.  

My name is Christine, I’m 20 years young, studying graphic design on my third year of college, and I am still unaware of what I am capable of as a design student and photography enthusiast.  There are so many things that I love to do that I hope to pursue as jobs.  Yes, you read that plural, “JOBS.”  I do not want just one, I want more.  I want to have an income-supporting job and some freelancing in different sectors.  You are probably thinking, “wow.. that sounds like a busy and complex process.”  You are right.  But I am willing to eat out of asian food left overs at night, running on maybe an hour of sleep, and having more than one planner just to discover the answer to one question: “what am I capable of?”

The design industry is hard.  I cannot express it any better how difficult the arts can be, even when you are driven with passion and is okay with being only financially “stable.”  Many people argue that design fields may not be good to work in because you may struggle financially.  Although this can be very true, only REAL artists and designers are willing to go through the dirt to get anywhere at average to professional.  Anyone can be successful, but to be successful, one should not depend their life work on routines and goals.  However, they must be receptive.  Accept the changes in your process to be who you want to be, take risks regardless the contrast in change, and be flexible with opportunities that life hits you with.  Being receptive is vital to be successful in the design world (and anywhere else).  If you are restricted to goals, routines, or any static system.  Life is boring, you are stressed, and you are too worked up about something that shouldn’t be time-wasted from complaining.  Get up, use your hands, and start on a new document if something is not right, right?