Finding the perfect vibe through moodboards!

I believe that  finding the right overall vibe when you are in the beginning stages of your design project is crucial.  This can be achieved by a simple technique or design tool:  the moodboard!

What is a moodboard?

I would separate that term into two words:  “mood” and “board.”  It is pretty self-explanatory because it is literally a board or an arrangement of anything (from photographs to colors to materials to objects, etc.).  In the collection of those things compliment each other and maintain a particular “mood”; in other words, this collection develops into a theme.

What is an example of a moodboard?

A great example would be Pinterest!  In case you do not know what Pinterest is, it is a website and mobile application in which users can share and find new interests visually by posting their images or videos (also known as “pins”).  This is a good example because the way the pins are laid out are very visual and often colorful.  They have a certain aesthetic to the post.  When you go on the homepage, you will automatically find all these pins in a crowded layout or palette.  For example, you can create a board on summer fashion and pin all kinds of things to that board that compliment the mood or theme.

How do you make a moodboard?

Start with listing a feeling or drawing!  Unless you already have a visual idea, concept, color palette, or whatever in mind you have already passed the first step in the moodboard process. The most popular way is finding colors or images online to add to your collection theme.  Another common way is finding materials from home whether it is a textured paper or fabric or even buttons.  It does not matter what you add to the moodboard.  It is part of the brainstorming process in the beginning stages of a design.  This applies anything to clothing to products and to graphic design work!