What types of tablets are there?! (Part 2)

In the last post, we talked about why YOU should invest in a surface tablet to help you with your design processes.  However, what are some good ones?!

First of all, there are a ton of tablets out there in the market that will be enough for you to jumpstart your design or art career.  Are you a beginner trying out new tools such as the tablet?  I totally understand the issues with money, especially as a student and maybe someone who comes from a low-income family.  There are some tablets that are decent prices and are much more affordable compared to high end products.

The most affordable drawing tablets today can be from Wacom, Turcom, and Huion H610 Pro.  If you are looking to focus your work on drawings involving manga and anime, Wacom is for you because it is connected with softwares that are based on those type of art.  The Turcom does not involve touch screen capabilities, but this and the Huion are still good products for their prices.  Each item range between fifties to the hundreds.  Not bad, right?  Each tablet, of course, comes with styluses, are compatible with Windows and Mac, and are activated with hundreds of pressure sensitivity levels for your drawing needs.

However, if you are trying to invest in something more high-end.   I suggest you look into iPads or the Surface Edit Pro.  Although there are many pros and cons between these such as:  performance, productivity, flexibility, and so forth.  It is a matter of trying them out at the store and testing the products to see which suits your design and artwork needs.   Higher-end tablets and drawing tablets tend to be actual tablets rather than a traditional drawing tablet because iPad Pros and the Surface Edit Pros involve a screen.  You are directly drawing on the screen which is probably a nice benefit for all designers and artists.

As you can see, there is a wide range of product brands in tablets and drawing tablets.  However, it is always a safer route (especially as a beginner) to start off with something cheap, yet still purposeful throughout your design education or art career!