Why invest in a drawing tablet? (Part 1)

A mouse is already difficult to use, why depend on it?

After even my first day of my design class, I was already shocked by the fact that we needed to learn to dran through point-and-click-and-drag operations.  When you start your design courses or career, you will learn to use programs such as:  Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and so forth.  You will have to learn to create designs and play with tools through your mouse device. Throughout my years in college,  I have been using such programs through a mouse and I have improved on that skill.   However, just because you are operating a computer should not limit you to using a trackpad or mouse! The mouse can be very difficult to use for precision detail or simply sketching.  This is why one should invest in tools such as a drawing tablet.

Utilizing a mouse restricts you from creating complicated designs because of the unrefined dragging motions we have to deal with.  Drawing tablets generally come with a pen (also known as the stylus).  It acts just like your average writing devices.  The purpose of the stylus is give you the flexibility to create the most precise work you strive to create.  There are many types of drawing tablets out there coming from multiple brands.  There will even be instructions on how to connect it to your computer or programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator! Additionally, the developers for most tablets or softwares, today, already provide a wide range of pressure sensitivities.  Most importantly, drawing tablets will help make your cool designs look more organic like you would in your physical drawings!

There are multiple tablets that are available, but what are a few that are the best in the market as of 2017?  Stay tuned for part 2!