How do I get myself known working in different design and art sectors?

First and foremost, get your pens and highlighters ready because your planner is going to be full!  However, here is what I think you should do in order to solve this problem!

As a graphic design student, photography apprentice, and art enthusiast, I also want to work on different sectors and freelance! Most of the time, designers and artists freelance, especially if they want to showcase their work inside and outside of formal work. For example, I want to do photography, make edits, work on design projects, and even help girls with prom makeup! Over the years of learning about different techniques, tools, and processes in art I discovered all kinds of interests.  With this being a normal, of course some of us want to do it as a part of their work routine!

One of the most common ways to showcase your work is to document your projects and pieces through social media.  Media and technology has been on top of their game, we all know this; therefore, we should take advantage of social media by posting about ourselves and our work.  Some of the most popular websites to post is through Facebook and Instagram.  I think Instagram is an awesome start to jumpstarting your business, especially those in photography.  There are tons of designers and artists out there who maintain a follower base of hundreds, thousands, and even millions.  Don’t let a number discourage you when you only have 20.  We all start somewhere.  Be active even if you are not working for clients.  Personal work is even just as great too.  They will be able to see how active and well you are (even if it is a doodle!).

Lastly, organize your work and create a portfolio.  Portfolios are completely important in your art or design careers.  Since everything we see tend to be online, start making portfolios of your professional and personal.  I now that having your own domain costs money, but there are many websites that are free for you to make your own portfolio.  Some examples include:  weebly, squarespace, wix, portfoliobox, and wordpress!  Eventually, once you have the money to pay monthly for your own domain you can use Adobe portfolio or upgrade to premium in your current accounts.

One last tip is that when you want to be working in different sectors such as: wedding photography, prom makeup, packaging design, and etc., you want to have separate websites or accounts for such fields.  Unless they are strikingly similar you should, but it makes sense to have individual places for certain fields!