Hello, my name is Christine, and I welcome you to my blog: geared4design!  This website is going to be more than just posting great visuals and itty-bitty pixels.  It involves everything in the spectrum from design tools to user interface.  Design work and concepts has always been a process for me to really try and grasp onto.  Design is difficult, but it is a field filled with great visual communication, which I personally have a niche for.

I took beginning-to-advanced digital photography and some drawing classes throughout my time in high school; it all started with some inspiration, which I had gotten from my photography teacher.  She was a pleasure to be around with and to learn from for she was all about pushing you to find your individual sense of creativity through photography.  Although I have had a passion for drawing since I was a child, I never thought about the combination of drawing and photography; this discovery made me research about design, more so on what I am currently studying – graphic design.

My photography teacher sat down with me one day when she had realized I was stumped about what I wanted to do in college.  She revealed to me a bit of the world of design, specifically graphic design.  I was really interested in the processes of designing, the tools, user interface and experience, and so much more.  She had told me that money is one happiness, but doing what you love is another.  It has been a couple years into my college education studying graphic design, yet I still would like to know about different types of  designers, their working processes, the tools they use, and everything about user interface!  I hope you enjoy my research, observations, experiences, and critiques on every aspect of design tools.