What types of tablets are there?! (Part 2)

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Revitalizing the Nokia Era

http://nokia.ly/2nsSOAv (c) 2017

Last time we had looked into a new developing product with great potential: the Xperia Projector by Sony; however, we have another product in the works, the Nokia 3310 mobile phone.  Now that we saw an improvement on the interface for touch-screen interaction, let me delve into this product and how it has been one of the major stepping stones in the 21st century of our digital era.

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Forget your iPads/iPhones, use a table! ft. Sony’s Xperia

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The digital age calls for more improvement in technology and new extraterrestrial-esque products.  Recently, Sony has is stepping up their game and their team is working on a new project called: the Xperia Touch Projector!  It has got some crazy capabilities as a product.  Could this possibly be a new interface?

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How the smartphone changed the world!

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As a regular observer of the world and the society’s use of technology, we have come a long way in developing great products.  The iPhone has created a huge impact on the world and is definitely one of the most influential consumer electronic products so far.  However, what has the smartphone exactly done for us, as daily users of the apple or any smartphone?  Let’s go through some of the things it has:
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