What is the difference between the Boke and Shallow Depth of Field?

 Are you new at photography, trying to spice up your blog posts, having a hard time picking pictures for your new webpage?  For me, as an amateur designer and photographer, I thought that the aperture setting of the camera was the most beautiful thing of them all. A little play on the depths of field in photography and one can come up with something neat, like the bokeh effect!

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UI Trend: Long form content and scrolling


http://on.natgeo.com/1bSzvi5 (c) 2017

If you take a look at the homepage or other pages of websites such as apple, nationalgeographic, and so forth, you will notice that the content you observe by scrolling down is very full-screen-esque.  This means that the content, while scrolling down, is implemented in this long-form layout.   Continue reading “UI Trend: Long form content and scrolling”