Product Design

Product Design involves the process of designing a new product that is generally meant to be sold for businesses and other companies.  Product design is usually meant for the consumer.  The field of product design is very broad and complex simultaneously because it involves the combination of ideas and other plans to make a finalized product.  Similar to all fields of design, there has to be functional aspects of the products being created.  Designers have to think strategically, but also have to consider factors regarding trends and commercialization.  They must be able to compile quantifiable research and transform them into concrete objects.

In basic terms, product design involves everything from physics to art and then to technology and electronics.  The main goal within the field of product design is that designers must be able to ideate their research and concepts together in order to develop products that the general public can use at ease.  As one can tell, it has to be a satisfying experience for the consumers, the users.  One great example of product design is the apple smartphones.  The process of creating each generation of the iPhone deals with a lot of aesthetic and functional factors.  Most importantly, the developers have to consider the UI/UX design to help with the product’s design.

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