UI Design

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User Interface design (UI) is a type of design that emphasizes on different kinds of user interfaces for softwares, programs, and other devices.  This can include: mobile devices, computers, tablets, and so forth. The goal as a UI designer is to heighten the degree to which something is able to be used.  Most importantly, it is to elevate the user experience.  Additionally, there is such a thing as User Experience (design), however, their focus is more on research and emphasizing on the effortlessness of utilization.  Generally, UI and UX designers work together to come up with aesthetic, yet completely functional designs for the consumer public.

When it comes to the process of UI design, there is not too much involving left-brained ideas that pop up in your head because the attention is focused on the goal of utilization or usability.  However, with the guides of graphic design, typography, and so forth, these fields can help UI design for visual assets.  Although it is important to consider the aesthetic qualities of the user interfaces, function has to be well-balanced.  Sometimes, focusing on research, functionality, and the overall experience helps bring out the aesthetic elements of the design.

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